Eduardo Candelario Eduardo Candelario (USA). Pharmaceutical Sciences. Ph.D. Master in Experimental Pharmacology. Scientific papers: 39 as abstract, 53 as extending manuscripts in international journals, 6 chapter books.

Rajani Chandra-D'Mello

Rajani Chandra-D’Mello (Azerbaijan). M.D. Ph.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology.
BSc in Biology, Chief Doctor, Indian Clinic, Baku, Azerbaijan. Speaks 5 languages. Albert Schweitzer Medal (2012), Hannover, Germany.

janetJanet Cepero Cañas (Cuba). Biochemistry. Master of Biochemistry (Immunology). Head, Pre-Clinical Studies Department and member of the Scientific Council, Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology of Cuba (INOR).Assistant Professor, University of Medical Sciences in Havana. Has participated in 7 projects, Cancer Research Program of the Ministry of Health. 2006 Annual Health Award. 14 papers.
Gautam Das

Dr. Gautam Das (India). MD, DCH, FIPP. Director of Pain Clinic, Pain Management Courses Director. Fellow, Anesthesia, Pain Management and Ozone therapy. 36 articles, 4 books and 2 multimedia.


Dr. Liván Delgado Roche (Cuba). Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Ph.D. Oxidative stress, Ozone therapy, Antioxidants, Cardiovascular Diseases and Pharmacology. Department of Pharmacology, Center of Marine Bioproducts, Ministry of Science, Technology & Environment, Cuba. Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Pharmaceutical Crops Journal. 46 papers. 1 multimedia and 3 books. Awards 2013, 2015 Cuban Academy of Sciences. 2011, 2013 Latin-American Pharmacology Prize.


Dr. Michele Angelo Farina (Italy). MD. President, Italian Society of Polyspecialistic Regenerative Medicine and Surgery. Secretary, “Incontri di Diagnostica e Terapia Vascolare” set up by 23 Scientific associations. Private Hospital “S. Maria della Salute” (S. Maria Capua Vetere). “Nuova Clinica Annunziatella” (Rome). Co-author in over a hundred scientific publications.

MONTEQUINProfessor José Ignacio Fernández Montequín (Cuba). MD. Angiology & Vascular Surgery. Senior Lecturer in Surgery and Angiology. Consultant, Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (Havana, Cuba). 80 papers and 7 books. Awarded six international prizes.

Jaime Antonio Gallego Jiménez

Dr. Jaime Antonio Gallego Jiménez (Colombia). MD. University Diploma “Expert in Ozone Therapy and Ozonated Growth Factors”, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid. Degree in Education, Specializing in Biology and Chemistry. Magister, Neural Therapy. Graduates Coordinator, University Foundation of the Andean Area, Pereira.

Francisco Pedro García López

Dr. Francisco Pedro García López (Spain). MD. Pediatrics. Allergy and Immunology. Head, Advanced Pediatric Service, Torrevieja Quirón Hospital (Valencia, Spain). Founder and former president, Alicante Official Physicians College (Valencia).

Eduardo Martín García Villanueva

Dr. Eduardo Martín García Villanueva (México). MD. Oncological Urology, Geriatrics, sexology. University Diploma “Expert in Ozone Therapy and Ozonated Growth Factors”, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid. Course teacher “Expert in Ozone Therapy and Ozonated Growth Factors”, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid. 8 papers. 2014 Award Best Research, World Association for Excellence in Health.

María del Carmen GonzálezDr. María del Carmen González Martín (Spain). MD. Master Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine. Specialization in Microbiology. Esthetic & Cellular Regenerative Medicine. Medicine Center, Granada, Spain.

OMARDr. Omar González Salgado (Spain). MD. Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology. Institute of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology (ICOT), Valencia Quirón. 16 papers. Prize 1996 Academy of Science of Cuba.

Oscar Ivan Grajales RíosDr. Oscar Iván Grajales Ríos (Colombia). DDS. Senior Professor. Periodontism/Osseointegration. Heel Labs, MIS thech.

Frank Hernández RosalesDr. Frank Hernández Rosales (Chile). Biological Science. Ph.D Biomedicine. Ozone therapy, oxidative stress, clinical biochemistry diagnosis. 1 book, 99 scientific papers, 1 multimedia. 3 sanitary registrations. 16 Scientific Awards, including as the most relevant the 1986 Distinction for Scientific-Technical Merit of the Cuban National Center for Scientific Research. Chairman, Editorial Board, CENIC Biological Sciences Journal, Cuba (1997-2002).
Dane KellerMr. Dane Keller (USA). B.Sc. Legal Advisor, International College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics. Co-Founder, Healthy Medicine Academy series of integrative cancer medicine symposia. Certified in Ozone Therapy.

TARUNDr. Tarun Kumar Bagga (India). D.S., B.D.S.  Oral Diagnosis, Oral Medicine, Oral Radiology, Ozone Therapy and Forensic Odontology. 25 National and international publications and 1 book. Editor in chief, International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Research.

Ahvie HerskowitzDr. Ahvie Herskowitz (USA). MD. Led molecular and immunological mechanisms of heart ischemia, heart transplantation and heart failure research, Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California. Director and Founder of Anatara Medicine Clinic, San Francisco. 2006 Clinton Global Health Initiative Awardee, “Access to Cures”.
emmanuelDr. Emmanouil Iliakis (Greece). MD. Ph.D. Ph.D., Orthopedic Surgeon. 6 books, 20 scientific papers.

Morteza IzadiDr. Morteza Izadi (Iran). M.D. M.P.H. Master of Public Health (MPH), Cross training course, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Nearby 120 International and National Publications.

Luisa BatildeDr. Luisa Batilde Lima Hernández, Cuba. Pharmaceutical Biochemistry. Human Nutrition. Master, Natural and Bioenergetic Medicine. 15 scientific papers, international journals, 44 scientific papers, national journals, 4 books (co-author or collaborator). Gold Medal, World Young Inventors Exhibition, Bulgaria (1983). 2 Annual Prizes, Cuban Academy of Sciences. 8 prizes Forums in Science and Technique, Cuba.
Patel SatyamDr. Satyam Patel (India). MD. Master in Orthopedic Surgery. Fellow in Pain Management. Articles published in orthopedic journals. National Award for the Medical Service to the Society.

Samardžija MarkoDr. Vet. Samardžija Marko (Croatia). Ph.D.Veterinary.193 papers and 8 books. Scientific Awards Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences: (2014); Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences: Veterinarian of the year 2014, Lomza, Poland (2015).

Carlos Alberto Matiz PedrazaDr. Carlos Alberto Matiz Pedraza (Colombia). MD. Specialist in Alternative Medicine.  University Diploma “Expert in Ozone Therapy and Ozonated Growth Factors”, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid.

Miguel Mejia Lopez

Dr. Miguel Antonio Mejía López (Guatemala). Master, General Surgery. 2010. Prize Dr. Gallardo Flores, Guatemala National Congress of Surgery Hepatic.  Hamartoma, Interesting Case, Guatemalan Social Security Institute.

Marco MontevecchiMarco Montevecchi (Italy). DDS. Master in Surgery, Periodontics and Implantology. Researcher, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Neuromotor, Bologna University. 27 papers. “Cagidiaco Prize”, best poster at the 2014 SIDP national congress.

eugeny-400x380-e1453993933507Professor Dr. Eugene Nazarov (Ukraine). Ph.D. Biochemical Science. Dr. Technical Science. Head, Postgraduate course on ozone therapy, Odessa Medical University. Assoc. Prof. Managing Biophysics Laboratory Odessa State. 81 scientific papers on biophysics and medical problems.

mirna idaliaDr. Mirna Idalia Pérez Sánchez (México). Dentist.

robertoMr. Roberto Quintero (Spain). Lawyer. Dr. in Political Sciences and International Relations. For more than 23 years he worked with United Nations in different countries around the world. Course teacher “Expert in Ozone Therapy and Ozonated Growth Factors”, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid. Has written the only research and updated paper on the legal status of the ozone therapy in the world.
Liliana Mirta SchejtmanDr. Liliana Mirta Schejtman (Argentina). MD. Pediatrics. 36 years of professional experience. Lineaozono Medical Center, Buenos Aires.

Iman MohamedDr. Iman Mohamed Sobhy Matar (Egypt). DDS. Ph.D. Prosthodontics in Dentistry, Lecturer, Dentistry Faculty, Alexandria Pharous University. 3 scientific papers.

Luis David Suárez-1Dr. Luis David Suárez Rodríguez (México). MD. Acupuncture and Phytotherapy. Sanar Integrative Medicine Center. Playa del Carmen, México. 1 book.

Albino Villegas-BastidaDr. Albino Villegas Bastida (México). MD. Senior Professor. Biological Sciences. Acupuncture, Homeopathy. Neuroimmunology and inflammation. 3 scientific papers.

takeo wataraiDr. Takeo Watarai (Japan). MD. Ph.D. Cardiovascular, Clinical Medicine, Oxidation Therapy. President and Founder, Japanese Society of the Oxidative Medicine. Tokai Watarai Clinic Director, Tokyo. 2 books.

ATSUO YANAGISAWADr. Atsuo Yanagisawa (Japan). MD, Ph.D. Orthomolecular Medicine, Intravenous Nutrient Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Integrative Oncology. 142 papers. 4 multimedia and 8 books. Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame in 2011 (Canada). 2014 Antoine Bechamp award (France). 2014 Pearl Maker Award (USA).

Eric Zaremski-01Dr. Eric Zaremski (USA). D.D.S. Majored in bio chemistry. Director, General, Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Practice, Greenbrae, California. Adjunct Professor, University of the Pacific.