MOCK UP DECLARACION ABIERTA - CHINAISCO3 proudly presents the 2nd. edition of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy of 2015 translated into Chinese.

Ozone therapy began to be known in China in 2000. It is currently practiced by more than 5,000 health professionals (Quintero Roberto et al., “Ozone Therapy and Legislation – Analysis for its Regularization”, 2nd updated and extended edition, 2015. Pág. 21)

With this translation the Declaration is now available online in the following twelve languages: Arabic, Chinese, English (official version), French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

You can get the Declaration online in any of the twelve languages for 15 euros in:

You can also get the printed English or Spanish version of the Declaration for 15 euros plus shipping costs in:

On the subject of the “Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy” the Madrid Regional Ministry of Health has said in the 5th International Congress of Aepromo (June 2-3, 2017): “May the name of Madrid remain closely linked” to Ozone Therapy.