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ISCO3 Official Documents

Medicina Humana


Ozone in SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19.

Potential use of ozone in SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19.

Scientific Paper Approved by ISCO3 on March 13, 2020.

In this document, ISCO3  (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy)    has taken into account that WHO has officially recognized that “currently, there are no vaccines or specific pharmaceutical treatments available for COVID-19.” So this paper offers a contribution to fight the coronavirus proposing the potential use of ozone therapy, as a complementary therapy, exclusively based on scientific available data as is explained in detail in this paper.

You can consult the document in the following languages (the only official version of the document is the one published in English):

1. ISCO3 Global reference document


3. ISCO3 Clinical Applications

4. ISCO3 Analytical Laboratories

5. ISCO3 Reference Documents for Recognition and/or Regularization of the Ozone Therapy by the Health Authorities

Both papers are medical and legal tools that should be used in two ways: by those interested in ozone therapy to increase their knowledge and strengthen their practice; and by national associations of ozone therapy in getting soon rather than later the legal recognition of the therapy by health authorities.

6. ISCO3 Medical and technical requests for the use of ozone therapy generators

7. ISCO3 Pioneers of the Modern Ozone Therapy

8. ISCO3 Forms & Templates


 9. ISCO3 Speeches of the President and other documents

10. ISCO3 Online Ozone Therapy International Library

ISCO3 has developed and keep updated a library of all published and presented papers on ozone therapy. It contains more than 2000 records: indexed and not indexed papers, books, thesis, historical papers and other documents. The data base is growing-up day by day. Access to the library.

11. Autohemoterapia Mayor 2 octubre 2016

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