Isco3 approved this paper 1st ed. July 11, 2014; and 2nd ed. September 29, 2019.

  • “The present document meant to be a help and a commercial neutral guideline for all those who plan to buy ozone therapy equipment to be used in medicine, dentistry or veterinary.”
  • “It pretends to be a help and a commercially neutral guideline for all those who plan to buy a MOG.”
  • “This up-date version took into consideration new advances in the research area concerning new technologies and new scientific supported application of ozone therapy in clinic.”
  • “General guidelines and recommendations are also presented for generators used in dental applications.”
  • “ISCO3 encourages physicians, scientists, veterinarians and odontologists interested in buying a MOG, to consider these international reference guidelines and to request manufactures to provide written manufacturing specifications for purposes of evaluating compliance with the international reference guidelines.”
  • “It is important to use equipment and methods demonstrated through scientific principles and research, good manufacturing practices, and clinical experience to be both safe and effective.”

Read here: “7. ISCO3 Medical and technical requests for the use of ozone therapy generators”