• Ozone therapy is a medical act and a complementary therapy,
  • Medical ozone therapy equipment used within the European Union must have the CE marking with IIb classification.
  • Ozone therapy is not a “miracle” that cures any disease.


Ozone therapy is a medical act and a complementary therapy

Ozone therapy is a medical act and as such must be performed solely and exclusively by a doctor, dentist, y veterinarian duly trained and experienced, in their areas of competence. Nurses and technicians will act in accordance with the instructions of the corresponding physician, dentist, or veterinarian.


Complementary therapy

“Ozone therapy is an adjunctive therapy and should be performed along with and not instead of the allopathic medicine (…) The application of ozone therapy complements other allopathic treatments such pharmaceutical interventions and surgical procedures and does not replace them as an alternative.”



Medical equipments

The oxygen-ozone mixture is obtained from medicinal oxygen exclusively by medical equipment, which within the European Union must have the CE marking with classification IIb, that is, the same classification as a defibrillator or an electric scalpel.


Ozone therapy is not “miraculous”, that cures everything

Claiming that ozone therapy cures everything is not correct. For this reason, it is very important to take into account which diseases are susceptible to being treated with medical ozone as an adjuvant. https://aepromo.org/en/the-use-of-ozone-therapy-as-a-palliative-treatment-in-diseases-grows-in-spain/


Training of the ozone therapist

Ozone therapy requires that those who practice it have studied and frequently updated it.

The professional who practices it must know this therapy in depth, study it and frequently take refresher courses. The ozone therapist must constantly update himself, read published research, and study.


At AEPROMO we attach importance to short courses, as tools for updating, training, and renewal. However, they are not enough. For this there is the “Diploma of” Ozone Therapy and Growth Factors Induced with Ozone totally online. 300 hours, bilingual (Spanish and English), written material, audiovisual material and tutorial videos.


Scientific journal of AEPROMO

AEPROMO, publishes since 2011, uninterruptedly the “Ozone Therapy Global Journal” (formerly “Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy). The journal meets the strict international requirements for scientific journals. It is an indexed journal, of free access and bilingual (Spanish and English). https://ozonetherapyglobaljournal.es/


ISCO3 Ozone Therapy International Library

The ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy) World Ozone Therapy International Library, contains more than 3,000 titles, is online, specialized, updated and freely accessible. It is the place that every ozone therapist should know. https://isco3.org/


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