The friend, the colleague and the researcher has gone. On August 31, 2015 Dr. Nabil Mawsouf passed away. One of the most brilliant experts of the world in ozone therapy has left us. The physician, the researcher, the professor, the lecturer, the leader, the disseminator had been operated on March 4, 2015 of a Malignant Melanoma in his neck. After his operation he wrote to Dr. Adriana Schwartz “Thank you for everything. Good and true friends are always present when there are difficult times. Your support is highly appropriated. I actually feel that I am a member of the family. Please convey my regards to Roberto and all honorable friends and colleagues. All the best. Nabil.”

Royal National Academy of Medicine, Madrid Declaration 2010


However knowing very well that his health deteriorated on July 21 he wrote to Adriana Schwartz his particular way of saying good bye: “I wish all the success all the way. Unfortunately I did not respond to chemotherapy. Metastasis is affecting my spinal cord. I cannot walk. I am going to be hospitalized today. I do not think that I will able to respond to e-mails any more. All I ask is your prayer. It has been an honor and privilege working with all of you. Best wishes, Nabil.”

ISCO3 is deeply indebted with Dr. Mawsouf. The initial idea of setting up an International Scientific Committee on Ozone Therapy came from Dr. Nabil Mawsouf, then Director of the Unit of Pain of the University of Cairo as is has been publicly written in the ISCO3 website (click here to read).

He actively participated in the Vienna founding meeting of ISCO3 on October 8, 2010 where he was elected as Vice President of the Committee; since then he was a very energetic and dynamic person providing his great knowledge supporting the objectives and work of ISCO3.

He was very committed is disseminating the content of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy around the world and his contribution and effort were instrumental in theregularization of ozone therapy in the Sultanate of Oman in 2010 (click here to read).

A particular side of his personality must be help of example to all of us. Egypt, the country of Dr. Mawsouf, in December 1999 “regularized the practice of ozone therapy. Despite the progress achieved, the regularization ended in February 2008 when the practice was banned in private centers, due to the significant economic slowdown that pharmaceutical companies were experiencing because some pharmaceutical products were less purchased due to the effectiveness of ozone therapy.” (click here to read).


Aepromo Congress Madrid University Complutense 2012

Dr. Mawsouf the leading person all along the process of regularization suffered directly the ban. The police came to his private health facility, he was forced to lie down to earth being targeted by a Kalashnikov and eventually his clinic was closed. With a real sense of commitment to his patients and to the practice of ozone therapy Dr. Mawsouf kept working having achieved that currently the therapy be at least tolerated in Egypt.

Odessa, Ukraine 2010

Copying his last world to us, we proudly say that it has been an honor and privilege working with Dr. Nabil Mawsouf. He left us a great legacy.

Rest in peace dear friend, you will be always in our memories.

Madrid, September 20, 2015

Board of ISCO3

  • Dr. Gregorio Martínez, President
  • Dr. Fadi Sabbah, Vice President
  • Dr. Adriana Schwartz, Secretary