With the aim of achieving some of the objectives of ISCO3 its Director Board has decided to issue documents on different subjects directly related to ozone therapy with the interest that they may become serious source of reference for those professionals working with medical ozone in different places of the world. To implement this policy the Director Board has appointed members of ISCO3 with the task of writing down draft papers on specific subjects. The drafter may consult the panel of ISCO3 experts and other persons or institutions who have expertise and knowledge on the subject. Those draft papers are circulated for discussion among the ISCO3 members for modifications and amendments if necessary. After closing the debate period the papers are submitted for approval. Once the voting process has ended and if the papers have been approved, they become official documents of ISCO3.

1. ISCO3 Global reference document

1.1. Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy.



2. ISCO3 Papers of Good Clinical Practice



Written by Dr. Ruhi Cakir (ISCO3 Member). Approved by ISCO3 on March 31, 2016. 8 pages. Free access: http://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/ISCO3-MET-00-02-MiAHT-V1-Final-1.pdf


3. Clinical Applications:



4. Lab. Analytic:





5. ISCO3 Reference Documents for Recognition and/or Regularization of the Ozone Therapy by the Health Authorities:



Both papers are medical and legal tools that should be used in two ways: by those interested in ozone therapy to increase their knowledge and strengthen their practice; and by national associations of ozone therapy in getting soon rather than later the legal recognition of the therapy by health authorities.



6. Continuing Education on Ozone Therapy

6.1. Human Resources:



7. Medical and technical requests for the use of ozone therapy generators.

7.1. Devices:



8. ISCO3 Forms & Templates

8.1. Records:

This document provides guidance and templates to get the records of adverse event during the practice of ozone therapy. The template to prepare the report (Annex II-IV) is useful to collect information related to the safety in the use of ozone therapy. A template with general instruction is available in Annex I. This document do not replace the report of Adverse Effects to national health authorities.


8.2. Quality Assurance:

This document provides guidance for writing a standard operating procedure (SOP) who describes clinical methods in ozone therapy. See ISCO3 QAU/00/22 guidelines, for details of the type of information to be included within each particular SOP section, along with writing dos and don’ts.


This document provides guidance for writing a standard operating procedure (SOP) who describes clinical procedure in ozone therapy.


This document provides guidance for writing a standard operating procedure (SOP). These guidelines detail the type of information to be included within each particular SOP section, along with writing dos and don’ts.


This document provides guidance for writing a summary of Curriculum Vitae. The template to prepare the Summary of the CV (Annex I) is useful to standardize the information of the CV submitted for the participant in courses, congress etc.


The template to prepare the abstract (Annex I) is useful to standardize the information to be submitted for the participant in courses, congress, meeting, etc. A template is also available in Spanish (ISCO3 QAU 00 08 SPA).



9. Pioneers of the Modern Ozone Therapy

9.1. Historical Documents

  • 9.1.1. “The pioneer of the modern ozone therapy: Professor VELIO BOCCI”. 6 pages. Roberto Quintero, ISCO3 Legal Advisor. December 20, 2010. ISCO3/HIS/00/01.

Free access english: http://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Bocci-biography.pdf

Free access spanish: http://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Bocci-Biografía-castellano-ISCO3.pdf

The paper intends to provide a first approach to the biography of the Pioneer of the Modern, the Italian and professor “Dr. Velio Bocci”. This contribution to make known the life of Dr. Velio Bocci has as objective to keep records of those persons who have highly contributed to research, teach and disseminate in a scientific way the benefits of ozone therapy.

  • 9.1.2. “The African Contribution to Ozone Therapy Dr. George Stoker (1854-1920)”. ISCO3, April 10, 2017, 5 pages, (SOP: ISCO3/HIS/00/21). Roberto Quintero.

Free access english: http://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Isco3-Stoker-Inglés.pdf

Free access spanish: http://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/ISCO3-Stoker-Castellano.pdf

  • 9.1.4. “The Master Key of the Ozone Therapy in Russia: Dr. Sergei Petrovich Peretyagin”. ISCO3, March 29, 2017. 8 pages (SOP: ISCO3/HIS/00/20).

Free access english: http://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Isco3-Peretyagin-English.pdf

Free access spanish: http://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Isco-Peretyagin-Castellano.pdf


10. ISCO3 Online Ozone Therapy International Library


ISCO3 has developed and keep updated a library of all published and presented papers on ozone therapy. It contains more than 2000 records: indexed and not indexed papers, books, thesis, historical papers and other documents. The data base will grow-up day by day. The library is of free access directly from the web site of ISCO3.

Quick Guide for Internet Dummies ISCO3 Ozone Therapy International Library How to Access, Navigate and Use it (click here).

Access to the library: https://www.zotero.org/groups/isco3_ozone

This specialized website is addressed exclusively to professionals involved in the health sector and specifically in the ozone therapy. In addition all the information provided here, does not substitute the need for a personalized medical evaluation, carried out by a medical doctor.